Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to tell you when we come to our timeshare in Florida we always go out on the CritterFleet 1/2 day fishing.
We love it we alway catch fish and you guys do a damn good job making sure.
One time big mistake we took the pasttime princess and all they cared about was catching a big grouper not the people they took out to fish.
We can not wait until next summer.
Here are a couple of pics from this summer. I never sent any before so here are a couple.
Love You Guys & Gals
Donna, Bob, Brant Beland
from Illinois
50 miles south of Chicago

Tue, August 2, 2011
Great day fishing

I would like to let everyone know about my experience fishing while on vacation in Daytona Beach.  My daughter has wanted to go deep sea fishing for several years.  We planned on going and did some searching on the internet.
We had narrowed it down to two services on the tip of Ponce Inlet.  We chose these two because of their location to the Atlantic, we wanted to spend as much time fishing as we could and not riding through the river to get to the Atlantic. 
We went to the first place to make a reservation and ask questions.  When we arrived at the first boat, the lady at the office was totally indifferent to us standing in front of her as she talked on the phone, and she even closed the window that was between us.  Not even something as simple as holding up a finger to let us know she would be just a minute.  When she got off the phone she did not open the window, she fiddled
around and then took another incoming phone call while we stood there.  I asked my daughter for the phone number to call them thinking that that would be the easiest way to get service.  I was about to call when she opened the window and asked if we were looking to go fishing.  We told her yes, but we had some questions.  This seemed to be a bother for her.  At this point I thought that we needed to go someplace else, and I am so glad that we did.
We went to the "Critter Fleet" and got the exact opposite treatment.  The lady at the office was very genuine in how she answered our questions and satisfied our concerns.  Her service was just the beginning of a great experience on the "Super Critter".  The mates on the boat were very friendly, knowledgeable, polite, and they had a good sense of humor.  The Captain took us to a spot and we were catching fish almost immediately, however they were mostly too small.  We quickly moved to where we were catching many more keepers.  I am no avid fisherman but I know how to take a fish off the hook, but the mates were so quick and helpful that they were pulling them off and getting them on the stringers for us.  I made one mistake by not getting in the biggest fish competition; my wife caught a beauty that would have taken the prize.
I just wanted to let everyone know what a great experience we had on the "Super Critter" thanks to the knowledgeable captain, the help and humor from the mates and the courtesy of the ladies in the office.

Black Hawk Helicopter
Army Aviation Support Facility #1
Dear Critter Fleet,
 I am one of the "princess guys" as the captain called us on Oct. 1st last week. The comparison between you and the Pastime princess was like the difference between right and wrong, black and white or night and day. My cousin and I were like a couple of little kids whenever we talked about our trip with y'all. We had so much fun with y'all that we couldn't stop bragging about how much better we were treated by your crew. Zack acted as if we had know him all our lives. He showed us everything we needed to know to better our chances of a good catch. And, unlike pastime princess, we had bait at all times and we all had our own pile of tasty bait. This was not the case at all on the P.P. So, the main reason for this letter is because I wanted to write you guys a great review for your website but I don't seem to see a spot for testamonials or reviews. If there is somewhere on your site that I can do that, please write me back and tell me where.
And, could you please send me a couple of your business cards.
Rick Haynes
13 Hernando Dr.
Chrokee Village, AR 72529

Critter Fleet ®
4950 S. Peninsula Dr
Ponce Inlet, FL 32127
(386) 767-7676
(800) 338-0850
email critterfleet@att.net

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